Session Information

What To Expect
• We’ll have our session (1-2 hours, depending on session type).
• I’ll put a sneak peek on Facebook within 24 hours
• Within 2 weeks, I will contact you to schedule a meeting so we can view your edited images and place your print order.

Choosing The Location
Depending on the look you want we can do an indoor studio session or out on location.
If there is a place that is meaningful to you I am happy to accommodate within an hour’s drive from Worcester, MA. Newborn sessions are most often held in my studio but we can discuss moving to your home depending on circumstances.

What Happens During The Session?
If we are on location, we will usually walk from place to place within a park or location. Depending on what we’ve discussed previously we may drive to a second location.
I’ll direct you into poses and try to capture candid moments as well. If you have any specific ideas in mind, please tell me before the session, so I can be sure to come prepared.

Rescheduling is a last resort. We will reschedule due to rain if we are scheduled for an outdoor location. But only if it is really raining – not just based on a weather report calling for a chance of showers.

If someone is sick let me know as soon as you can so we can reschedule. I will always reschedule newborn sessions if I am ill.


When to schedule:

The best time to schedule a newborn session is during your pregnancy. I will add your due date to my calendar and schedule a tentative session 5 days after that. When your baby decides that it is really time to arrive, contact me as soon as possible and we will finalize your session date. It is best to photograph the baby within the first 10 days of life. They are still flexible, sleepy, and usually haven’t developed any dry skin or colic before then. If we are past 10 days when you schedule, we may not be able to get all those “squishy” newborn poses, but I will still happily photograph your baby.

     The session:

  • Your baby is the boss! Expect to spend 1-3 hours at our session. If your baby gets fussy we will take the time to calm him and soothe him back to sleep. Try to wait until you arrive to feed your baby. A baby with a full tummy is most likely to sleep well through the posing.
  • Dress your baby in very loose fitting clothing that is easy to remove. We don’t want to leave lines on his or her skin from clothing. If we decide to pose your baby in her birthday suit. For his/her comfort the room will be kept very warm. Wear comfortable clothing in layers so you won’t overheat.
  • If mom or dad are going to join the session, (and I hope you will!) please wear a solid color top. I will rarely photograph from the waist down, so be comfortable. Moms, you are beautiful! When your baby is grown up and looking back at these photos he or she will love them no matter how tired you think you look right now. Don’t avoid the camera, these family photos will be truly cherished.
  • Siblings are welcome with prior arrangement. Remember that the session can be long depending on baby’s fussiness. The best plan is to either drive separately and have someone take the siblings home or send one adult out to take them for a walk while the other parent and I focus on the baby for the remainder of the session. It’s not a bad idea to bring along some spare clothing in case yours or your children’s get soiled
  • Safety is extremely important to me during newborn shoots. In order to protect your baby I will ask one of the parents to help secure the baby in certain poses.

Children & Families

I will do everything I can to provide a relaxed and fun environment for your children. The goal is to catch the true personalities of your family.
I want the experience to be fun, not something they dread. I’ll ask you to let me lead the session and give direction. There is no need to tell them to smile or to offer bribes, in fact most times that is distracting if they are taking direction from you and me at the same time. I’ll take both candid and posed shots. Some with smiles and some without. We want your child’s real expressions and real personality to shine through.


Anything you feel comfortable in will be fine, though I suggest solid colors. We will do 2-3 outfit changes if you would like. Props (baby shoes, blocks, flowers…) are welcome. I’m happy to shoot outdoors and in the studio if you want to take more intimate poses and prefer to do them in a private setting. Pinterest is a fantastic resource to use if you are looking for ideas you’d like to try.


Senior portraits show not just how you look but your personality and interests during this time in your life. Bring props that show who you are and what you love. We usually use 2-3 locations, and I’m open to your ideas because this session is all about you! Bring as many outfit changes as you’d like. We may not get to all of them, but variety is fun and adds interest to your final portrait collection.


This session is all about your relationship. We can use props for save the date cards or thank you cards. You can do outfit changes. And we can visit multiple locations depending on the look you want. I love these sessions because the happiness of engaged couples is contagious and I always feel like we’ve become friends by the end of the shoot.