Fantasy Session Information

What is a Fantasy Photo Session?

This is a stylized photo session dedicated to capturing the passions or daydreams of your family, your child, or yourself. Your little girl always wanted to be a fairy? Let me photograph her and add in magic fairy dust and woodland creatures. Star Wars is your passion? Let me take a photo of you posed as a Sith or a Jedi, I’ll add in any color light saber you want. Want to go over the top? I can create an entire fantasy landscape or add in props from your favorite movie, tv show or fairy tale. Let me bring your best daydream to life. This session is guaranteed to bring smiles to your whole family.  This type of session is my passion. I can geek out with the best of them, my Photoshop skills are awesomsesauce (if I do say so myself) and I will make your vision a reality.

Fantasy Photo Red Witch digital composite

What to Expect
The entire process is collaborative and highly individualized. I like to meet in person or over Skype to chat about your vision and goal for the session.  I will show you samples of my work and products that you might wish to purchase to display the final photo or photos in your home. For instance are you going to want a canvas or metal print in the living room? A series of prints in the den? Maybe one large print of each child hanging in their room. Do you want to shoot a series and make a mini album for your child’s fantasy story? Determining how you will display the final images helps us decide how to structure the photo shoot.











Diamond starting at $750

Includes consultation, photo session and 10 hours of editing. We can create a pretty complex image such as this:

Star Wars Digital Composite

Each Diamond package will include a group composite and an individual portrait of each member of your group.

This is also the package to choose if you wish to create a storybook for your family or child.




Platinum starting at $425

Includes consultation, photo session and 6 hours of editing.

This package is appropriate for compositing you into an existing scene or for a more complex photo shoot with sets or multiple locations.

Fantasy Photography


Stardust  starting at $350

Includes the consultation, photo session and up to 3 hours of editing.

For a single person or a small group (up to 5 people)

You provide the costume and the end result requires basic edits.

We can create something simple such as this:

Childrens fantasy photographyDigital Art Fantasy Photography










All Packages: After I deliver the draft of your image/images I include one extra hour of free editing to make changes as you request.

Additional editing:  $50 per hour.

For each composite created, you will receive a low resolution file suitable for sharing on social media and two 8×10 prints. Additional prints and products can be purchased separately.